Tuesday, 28 July 2009

New beginnings!

This is a new day, as I'm writing this a major channel has informed me that the next decade will be a wonderful sporting festival in the UK! The Olympics in 2012,The Commonwealth Games in 2014, the Rugby League World Cup in 2013 and The Rugby World Cup in 2015! I am wondering what this means! Karl Jung would describe this as synchronicity, the feeling that events transpire to give the appearance that some unseen hand is at work! I ,as a Born-again Christian, agree with him but he, as far as I know, never knew my Lord! When you know Jesus your life is never the same again! He takes you places both internal and external that you never knew existed! some are scary, did I really think that? are my sins as bad as that(Yes as God does not keep a league table/order of merit of Sin! one sin is as bad as another!!) Other places are wonderful! meeting other people who are happy just to sit and lunch with me and chat for hours about the Lord's work,life and other things!

I recently joined the Twitter family and have found some real cool people! as an eclectic person there are many facets to the tweepsters I connect with! Some reflect my political viewpoint, some reflect my musical leanings others my odd sense of humour. you all saluted for who and what you are to me as i pray for you all!

As this is my first post i will now finish with this:- If you need prayer for anything post a comment about your situation and I will add you to my prayer list!