Monday, 30 May 2011


Having seen many tweets speculating about who is going to run against President Obama I was reminded of the whole subject of leadership and what it really means!

Here are some of my thoughts.

There are many forms of leadership from the laissez faire (It will all work out in the end) to the tyrant dictator who imposes his/her will using every trick in the book, some really terrible, these are political in nature mainly and can either be good or evil depending on the motivations of the person or persons in control, we all know their fruits and there are many commentaries on most political leaders so I won't add my views on any individual as most of you who will read this have probably seen my tweets expressing them!

For me the best form of leadership is that of the servant heart, I look to the best example of this in Jesus who despite the great power he could call upon chose instead to serve humanity while he was on the Earth. I look at the way he taught his followers by answering the questions they had with questions that provoked deeper thought, It helped them to understand their faith more than they knew as when he ascended and they had the Pentecost experience they themselves became great leaders!

It may seem contrary to the mind that to serve is to lead and to lead is to serve but when you try it you will be surprised with the results, people trust you more and are more likely to open up their hearts to your vision and want to help you achieve it. I see this in the political realm so often when party leaders seek the advice of their members during policy development, the media calls this a weakness but it is really a strength as they make themselves vulnerable and accountable to their party! I think that a good strong leader would not be afraid of these two things as they keep them honest and secures integrity of character!

In the Twitterverse, Twitterland or whatever you want to call it I always try to be accountable for what I tweet in that if I'm challenged about a tweet, I will answer and hope that my answer will always be a blessing or a thought provoker.

Okay, I've rambled on enough so I'll see you in the Twitterverse with a c(_)coffee and a smile!

God bless you as you read this and I hope it made sense! If it didn't ask me about it in Twitter!!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Musing on a Saturday

I haven't posted for a while(sorry about that!) As I have been off work for a while I have been doing a lot of thinking about my life online!

I have witnessed every emotion on Twitter, from anger to love, elation to despair. I have Prayed for many people,situations and have seen many answers to these prayers, Praise God!

I am struck by how many people are searching for God but don't know it, they turn to chemicals, technology, empty philosophies and other means to fill the void that only God can fill! I recently found a wonderful group of brothers and sisters who are reaching out on Twitter and have joined them in their desire to see God reclaim the Twitterland!!

As many of you know I love tweeting about all sorts of things and love to hear about my Twitter~friends' lives as this is the very stuff of relationships and the responsibility that goes with them. If I ask you if you want a c(_) cup of coffee or sling a *HUGS* your way that's me letting you know that you have a friend who,if I had the resources, would help or be there for you!

This may be a ramble,jumble of thoughts spilling out but that's my way of processing things out so I apologise for making you sift through it for any sense!

I guess the upshot is that God loves you and I love you(I hope you knew that without me telling you!) and I pray that your heart will always be open to the Love of God!

Thanks for listening

The Celtic Scribe

Monday, 31 August 2009

Long time , no post!

Dear all,
An apology for not posting recently, I can't think of a reasonable excuse so I won't insult your intelligence with a lame one. I have been thinking about God's Love for me recently and here are some of my thoughts.

Unconditional Love- What does this mean? I think it means love without strings attached, God loves me for who I am not who I think I am or others think or wish me to be! If this is the case then He sees me in the purest light and not with the taint of humanity's eye and this gives me hope and a freedom to be me!

It also allows me to approach Him about anything as I know He is the Perfect Parent who will not shout at me or worse not acknowledge my existence at all, a common occurrence among Generation Xers who feel that Society in general has failed them. I know that He will listen to my grumbles, complaints and worries but He delights in my successes and personal growth!

With this relationship there is responsibilities also, He wants me to be more like Him every day but I'm way short of the mark in this even though I try my best to be so, He gives me Grace to cover my shortfalls(that is a ton of Grace!). I want to be more like Him as I'm a rotten person who was given a second chance 18 years ago. As I look back I have changed but not as much as I would like!

If this seems a little scattered forgive me as these thoughts need a real processing, I just wanted you to know where I'm at.

I thank Him for all of you who read my blog and follow it either publicly or privately and my prayer is that you will hear something of His Voice in these words! tweet me about what I have written or post a comment!

May God Bless you all and My lips to God's Ear for you all!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A Quiet Night

As I write this there doesn't seem to be much movement outside, it is as if its just you and me here! I promised I would post tonight and I am! I think i will talk about Silence ,ironically, and what it means to me.

Just sit and think about how noisy our lives are, the telly,radio and fan of the pc letting us know that we are listening to the noise of the world! Just think about the noise generated by the recent death and aftermath of Michael Jackson and you will know what I am getting at.

It is in the silence we hear the Voice of God whispering His Love into our spirits, so take a minute or two to sit in silence to hear His Voice and you will find out something special! If you have not meditated before think on this phrase as you sit in silence "Be still and know I am God"

have a good time thinking in silence!

my lips to God's Ear for you all!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

A Saturday Morning.

As I write this I am looking forward to next week ,not the four long days in a row at work but Friday as that is when my Edinburgh Festival Fringe begins! As well as being a care assistant in a nursing home I am a sound engineer who has given his gifts back to God for Him to use at His pleasure. I have been used by the Lord in my home church since the autumn/fall of '97 and it has been some journey on that road. If you want to know about sound engineering ask me and I'll write a blog on the subject!

The Edinburgh Festival is the largest combined Arts Festival in Europe if not the world and I am humbled to be part of it! For those who don't know, The Festival is really many Festivals running at the same time, these are The Military Tattoo at the Castle,The Official Festival(for those who want to see high culture), The Fringe ( this is a perfect example of The US 1st Amendment!! anything goes all opinions and views respected even if disagreed upon), The Jazz and Blues Festival, The Book Festival, The Science Festival and the Television festival.

As you can see Edinburgh becomes alive with all of the above going on, It is an exciting time for anyone who loves a bit of culture. My part in all this creativity is as part of an outreach team run by a Christian organisation who have a real heart to see Christ glorified in the Fringe as this is where He lived His human life! I have been touched by many people who have served the Lord in Shine (the name of the outreach). This year we have a live band coming from the States who were here last year, they have a cool sound that puts me in mind of The Dave Matthews Band!

The main point is that for years I had asked God how I can serve Him and this is His answer! You find out what you're good at, are passionate about and more often than not you will find that it is a Gift that He placed in you, give it back to Him in service and you will be amazed at what He does through you as a result!

I am going to finish here for now as i feel that I have rambled enough! I look forward to your comments and thoughts and May the Lord Bless you as you read this!

My lips to God's ear for you always!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

New beginnings!

This is a new day, as I'm writing this a major channel has informed me that the next decade will be a wonderful sporting festival in the UK! The Olympics in 2012,The Commonwealth Games in 2014, the Rugby League World Cup in 2013 and The Rugby World Cup in 2015! I am wondering what this means! Karl Jung would describe this as synchronicity, the feeling that events transpire to give the appearance that some unseen hand is at work! I ,as a Born-again Christian, agree with him but he, as far as I know, never knew my Lord! When you know Jesus your life is never the same again! He takes you places both internal and external that you never knew existed! some are scary, did I really think that? are my sins as bad as that(Yes as God does not keep a league table/order of merit of Sin! one sin is as bad as another!!) Other places are wonderful! meeting other people who are happy just to sit and lunch with me and chat for hours about the Lord's work,life and other things!

I recently joined the Twitter family and have found some real cool people! as an eclectic person there are many facets to the tweepsters I connect with! Some reflect my political viewpoint, some reflect my musical leanings others my odd sense of humour. you all saluted for who and what you are to me as i pray for you all!

As this is my first post i will now finish with this:- If you need prayer for anything post a comment about your situation and I will add you to my prayer list!