Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A Quiet Night

As I write this there doesn't seem to be much movement outside, it is as if its just you and me here! I promised I would post tonight and I am! I think i will talk about Silence ,ironically, and what it means to me.

Just sit and think about how noisy our lives are, the telly,radio and fan of the pc letting us know that we are listening to the noise of the world! Just think about the noise generated by the recent death and aftermath of Michael Jackson and you will know what I am getting at.

It is in the silence we hear the Voice of God whispering His Love into our spirits, so take a minute or two to sit in silence to hear His Voice and you will find out something special! If you have not meditated before think on this phrase as you sit in silence "Be still and know I am God"

have a good time thinking in silence!

my lips to God's Ear for you all!


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  2. The times when I am stressed the most it is the art of silence or being silent that carry me through. I do believe that is when God speaks to me & I am able to receive the blessings he has awaiting me. I know that He has many great things planned for me, for us all but it is in these moments of silence when he does His most precious work. I am still and know that God is...

    Thank you my brother for always sharing the light & the love of God with us. May peace be with you now & always. ~Pinkangel_0704