Monday, 31 August 2009

Long time , no post!

Dear all,
An apology for not posting recently, I can't think of a reasonable excuse so I won't insult your intelligence with a lame one. I have been thinking about God's Love for me recently and here are some of my thoughts.

Unconditional Love- What does this mean? I think it means love without strings attached, God loves me for who I am not who I think I am or others think or wish me to be! If this is the case then He sees me in the purest light and not with the taint of humanity's eye and this gives me hope and a freedom to be me!

It also allows me to approach Him about anything as I know He is the Perfect Parent who will not shout at me or worse not acknowledge my existence at all, a common occurrence among Generation Xers who feel that Society in general has failed them. I know that He will listen to my grumbles, complaints and worries but He delights in my successes and personal growth!

With this relationship there is responsibilities also, He wants me to be more like Him every day but I'm way short of the mark in this even though I try my best to be so, He gives me Grace to cover my shortfalls(that is a ton of Grace!). I want to be more like Him as I'm a rotten person who was given a second chance 18 years ago. As I look back I have changed but not as much as I would like!

If this seems a little scattered forgive me as these thoughts need a real processing, I just wanted you to know where I'm at.

I thank Him for all of you who read my blog and follow it either publicly or privately and my prayer is that you will hear something of His Voice in these words! tweet me about what I have written or post a comment!

May God Bless you all and My lips to God's Ear for you all!


  1. Beautiful thoughts, and very timely! Thanks for sharing your heart, Chris.

  2. Grace and Peace be with you beloved Brother in Crhist.
    I found you in twitter and it was a pleasure to strent my faith in the path of truth our Lord.
    Well sorry about my inglish isnt that good but I hoppe you got the message.
    I wish all the best in God.
    God bless you and yours beloved!