Saturday, 28 November 2009

Musing on a Saturday

I haven't posted for a while(sorry about that!) As I have been off work for a while I have been doing a lot of thinking about my life online!

I have witnessed every emotion on Twitter, from anger to love, elation to despair. I have Prayed for many people,situations and have seen many answers to these prayers, Praise God!

I am struck by how many people are searching for God but don't know it, they turn to chemicals, technology, empty philosophies and other means to fill the void that only God can fill! I recently found a wonderful group of brothers and sisters who are reaching out on Twitter and have joined them in their desire to see God reclaim the Twitterland!!

As many of you know I love tweeting about all sorts of things and love to hear about my Twitter~friends' lives as this is the very stuff of relationships and the responsibility that goes with them. If I ask you if you want a c(_) cup of coffee or sling a *HUGS* your way that's me letting you know that you have a friend who,if I had the resources, would help or be there for you!

This may be a ramble,jumble of thoughts spilling out but that's my way of processing things out so I apologise for making you sift through it for any sense!

I guess the upshot is that God loves you and I love you(I hope you knew that without me telling you!) and I pray that your heart will always be open to the Love of God!

Thanks for listening

The Celtic Scribe


  1. c(_) cup of coffee and *HUGS* are a few of my most favorite things ever! I can relate as I love learning about others, asking questions and just laughing with others. Twitter has become an amazing support group for prayer, for times when a warm smile is needed and just a place to sit, relax and enjoy watching the tweets go by.

    Thank you for this wonderful post. I’ll always accept a wonderful c(_) of coffee (liquid gold if you ask me!) from you anytime! *hugs* of joy for you!


  2. Cyberspace is a small indication of what Heaven will be like: there we will all be together not separated by continents, borders or whatever. For the time being, we have Twitter or Facebook :) It is a means of sending God's blessings to his people and his lost. And I ditto Marie re the coffee and hugs :)

  3. Now, Chris, I see from the comment above, that some of us are discovering your Celtic writings late in the game. Still, we are waiting to hear more from you, even as life happens. Share your walk with your fans. To find a man who loves God and has the tender heart that you have shown is rare, in your case, all the way to Scotland and we all appreciate you. So get poppin' and write! Blessings!

  4. huh oh-came back to practice signing in and I'm in! Now which user name did I use? I do have pencil & paper, I should practice using it to keep track.
    I think I got more out of your post than you did writing it Chris.
    Also embracing your words from a previous article about being still & listening for God's voice. That's on my list for today. Thankyou for that. See you on the other side- well, Twitter for now. :)

  5. You rock. I didn't ever realize (check your profile's url) that you had a blog.

  6. Chris,

    We appreciate those who are willing to do God's will wherever they are! There can be so much hate on Twitter that I'm glad to have some follower-friends who love like Jesus. God bless.


  7. I just joined you on Twitter and find your post very uplifting and supportive. We need more Tweeps like you!!

    Look forward to connecting more with you:) I would say stop by Diva Cafe and share a latte but you might find too much chatting going on lol.

    Have a great day!