Monday, 30 May 2011


Having seen many tweets speculating about who is going to run against President Obama I was reminded of the whole subject of leadership and what it really means!

Here are some of my thoughts.

There are many forms of leadership from the laissez faire (It will all work out in the end) to the tyrant dictator who imposes his/her will using every trick in the book, some really terrible, these are political in nature mainly and can either be good or evil depending on the motivations of the person or persons in control, we all know their fruits and there are many commentaries on most political leaders so I won't add my views on any individual as most of you who will read this have probably seen my tweets expressing them!

For me the best form of leadership is that of the servant heart, I look to the best example of this in Jesus who despite the great power he could call upon chose instead to serve humanity while he was on the Earth. I look at the way he taught his followers by answering the questions they had with questions that provoked deeper thought, It helped them to understand their faith more than they knew as when he ascended and they had the Pentecost experience they themselves became great leaders!

It may seem contrary to the mind that to serve is to lead and to lead is to serve but when you try it you will be surprised with the results, people trust you more and are more likely to open up their hearts to your vision and want to help you achieve it. I see this in the political realm so often when party leaders seek the advice of their members during policy development, the media calls this a weakness but it is really a strength as they make themselves vulnerable and accountable to their party! I think that a good strong leader would not be afraid of these two things as they keep them honest and secures integrity of character!

In the Twitterverse, Twitterland or whatever you want to call it I always try to be accountable for what I tweet in that if I'm challenged about a tweet, I will answer and hope that my answer will always be a blessing or a thought provoker.

Okay, I've rambled on enough so I'll see you in the Twitterverse with a c(_)coffee and a smile!

God bless you as you read this and I hope it made sense! If it didn't ask me about it in Twitter!!


  1. Glad you could update in like 2 years.. Have a good summer..

  2. My friend, I hope you do live up those words. Everything we write and exchange, God holds us accountable for. :) I will follow you since I love controversial people who love the Lord.

  3. Thank you for the input, I'll be posting again soon!